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Yibin city water bay tourism scenic area overall planning area of 17.8 square kilometers, the core planning area of about 1 square kilometers, is the collection of forest kang, lakeside resort, mountain sports, rural leisure as one of the tertiary industry interaction integrated scenic spot.

The unique and beautiful natural geography landscape, forest landscape and pingba landscape are the material foundation of leisure vacation tourism. Scenic area makes the visitor center, ecological swimming pool, health resort, flowers and terraces, h static lake, fishing center, start-up culture wall, folk-custom courtyard, amorous feelings street, etc, will build a national 4 a grade scenic spot, leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration centers at the provincial level, building forest health tourism resort.
Qingshan contains dai, mountains and rivers enjoy

The cold water bay tourist attraction has a long history. The common music originates from the "music city" millennium ago; After two hundred years of "double memorial archway", it is the only one of the best preserved and well-preserved memorial stone memorial in xingwen county. As a main source of the basis of the early revolution, the red army long march north China anti-japanese via, sichuan guerrilla column of the main activities of cool water bay tourism scenic area, is the cradle of red education.

In the scenic area of pingba, hills, mountain topography. Yao jiayi mountain view is like a giant blue silk with a flowing and flowing blue, which is divided into two kingdoms, the south side is the low hill, the north side is the wide open dam, forming a strong visual contrast. Wildlife is abundant. The national primary protection plant, yew, has been praised as the oil tea of Oriental olive oil. Within the scenic area, the number of tourist resources is 90, and the tourism resources cover eight main classes, 21 subclasses and 46 basic types.

The high standard farmland, rich selenium agriculture, 1000 mu rapeseed landscape together form the "sichuan south the first dam" reputation of the co-prosperity dam, "xingwen granary", "small Ukraine" fame is also known as the quad. Dongyang lake, with the peasant proverb "east wind, must rain" the name, the lake district twists and turns, the mountains are surrounded, beautiful and colorful.

The scenic area is rich in goods and rich in food. Among them, the national geographic logo products are famous for their bamboo shoots and hingwen mountain. Liu cc, asparagus meatballs, yellow rice cake, pig-pig-cake is a special flavor.

In the accumulation of long history, the scenic spot has preserved many ancient customs. Dragon lantern meeting, Lantern Festival dragon dance, mountain song meeting, flower lamp, iron flower, lion dance, ox lamp and other folk activities attract many Chinese and foreign tourists to come.

Scenic Culture

Culture is a river flowing from the past to the future. Good family style is the bright pearl of the culture long river. Healthy and recreational endowment and family wind education is the core project of the scenic spot, let old people have a raise old, let the child get the traditional family wind edification, it is the sentiment of the scenic spot

The word jifeng was first found in the works of pan yue, a western writer. Xia hou zhan, an author of the western jin dynasty, wrote six "sheng poems" in the book of songs in the book of songs, which were made into "zhou shi" and gave pan yue a view. Mr Pan believes that these poems are not only gentle, but also the nature of filial piety. In order to sing with friends, pan yue wrote the family style poem, and described the family style. The day is a day of worship. There is no such thing as a parent. The bandits and the payers. Penitent, 'I'. Yifang is training, jia dao yingying. Don't you dare, three provinces a day." In this poem, the author does not describe the family life in detail, but praises his family tradition to encourage himself by praising his family.

The family wind words and the "clan" "clan", "clan" "clan" "clan" "clan" "clan" "clan" "family" become the ruling power of the society. Whether clan as the foundation, what is characterized by force, or marked by senators, is characterized by culture of the most popular masters, their political welcomed your show, the economy wide on the land, cultural strand family, monopolized the main resources of the whole society. In addition to the maintenance of the door valve system through the positive and marital relations of the nine products, self-pity portal, the standard tree family wind, and the means of defending the imperial power and the cold against the han in this period.
After the two jin dynasties, the term became more popular, especially in the northern dynasty. From its inception, it is often used with the wind. From "one's intimate party followers and students, are the world, in terms of color, roughly roughly Yu Cheng to, purge, often to the normal, han mangoku family trait, routh door method but also by their show, blue surplus, the celebration of the ill wipe" (wei book (58) : "little and pure virtual passionless, studious a start-up" (beiqi book (42), "Chang was ten years old, for the hall". Although it is not enough, it is not enough to make a handsome man, and there is a family wind in it. (book of the week 38), etc.

The mention of family wind in the historical literature often contains the inheritance meaning of tradition. For example, "there are some people who have nothing to do. The rest of the refined Confucianism, the family wind. No pendant, no cloud, no. Here, the word "report" vividly conveys the following acceptance of the previous and the preceding. As for the ubiquitous "family wind", "the family wind", "the family wind" and "the family wind" and so on, all reflect this characteristic. 
In the north zhou yu xin, "fu yue in the south of the Yangtze river" in the "pan yue, the beginning of the family wind; Lu machine's speech, Chen shide first, take the family wind world as the highest priority theme. The family was the priority of the family.

The family wind as the family culture and tradition, the performance is also a family's temperament and customs, reflects a family different from other families. It's a neutral concept, and it's not necessarily positive. Some domestic wind may be diligent, frugal, honest and courteous; Some of the family winds may be mean, mean-spirited, and angry. 
Because of this, the family wind, the door wind or the reputation or derogatory, also coexist in the historical literature. As "wei shu" volume 38 said: "the cruel world has the glory, and the door wind is not very clean, it is vulgar." Volume forty-seven also have: "and tao will pawn, the family wind decays, the posterity is illegal, the curtain 
Thin and dirty, for the arguer's vulgar." The book of the sui, 49 also said: "the unreal, chongji is unstructured, the dry discipline is righteous, to fall home wind, cherish zai!" It can be seen that even in the traditional society, it is considered as a long and long life, and only the good qualities of ploughing, honesty, and honesty.

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